The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ


The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Author: Levi H Dowling

ISBN: 0766138674


Page Reference: 206

Cheryl's Review and Reflection:

In the early 1900s, one of the great interests in the Akashic Records centered around the use of the Akashic Records as a picture or retelling of past history.  In this aspect several books have appeared that provide information obtained from the Akashic Records about the life of Jesus Christ.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ was brought into written form by the efforts of Levi Dowling during is lifetime.  Upon his death, his wife Eva published the book.  The story presented gives a different perspective than the story in the Christian Bible and attempts to explain various gaps by describing periods spent in study in the east including India.

From a historical perspective, this book provides an interesting view of the capabilities of the Akashic Records during the early part of the twentieth century.

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